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Art Paper ink For Uncoated Art Paper

Art Paper ink For Uncoated Art Paper

Dear Customers,

Magic Color Technology recommends the hot Special ink art paper ink for uncoated art paper for you. They are with good quality and competitive price,sell from facotry directly. Please check detailed specification below. For more details, please contact us.

Features of Our Inks:
1. True art paper ink, no coating needed
2. Waterproof, great rub-resistance
3. Suitable for Piezo-electronic printers such as Epson series
4. Types of Printing papers: Coated paper, White Board, Matt Coated Paper, Colored Cardboard, Textured Paper, Gold and Silver Paper, Canvas, Tiffany Cloth, Imitation leather paper, Self-adhesive paper, vegetable parchment, Color Crepe Paper, Film, Aluminum foil wall paper Chemical fabric.

Art Paper ink for Epson Piezo-electronic head printers


Black/ Light Black/
Light Light Black/
Cyan/ Magenta/ Yellow/
Light Cyan/ Light Magenta/
Blue/Red/Orange/Matte Black
Package 500ml, 1L, 20L, 25L
For use on Epson Piezo-electronic printers
Mimaki/ Mutoh/ Roland printers

What\'s art paper ink?

The ink is based on common water-based pigment ink, adding free coating adhesion material, while using a special attachment polymer technology, enabling water-based pigment ink print on coated paper and other media through the optimization and upgrading of the recipe. It also known as powder coated paper, which is using more in the printing industry, it\'s very smooth, smooth and high gloss, smoothness of paper and adhesive higher than the average several times. Therefore, the requirements for ink is very high, the normal ink can\'t be print on this paper. Multi-media printing ink solve this problem, in addition, the ink can also print on a variety of paper-based media, PP, PET film and media and so on.