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MagicColor recommend - wide format ink for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland printers

MagicColor recommend
wide format ink for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland printers

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that we recommend our hot products of wide format ink for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roand large format printers.
Please check detailed specification below. For more details, please contact us.


Sub_Catagory Version

OEM Cartridges

Color Use for printers
MC-IWG001 Eco-Solvent Pigment Ink Economical C13T690180 Black

Epson 4th, 5th, 7th generations power nozzle inkjet printer;
Mimaki JV3 JV5 JV33;
Roland SJ, SC, SP, VC, XC; Mutoh Rock Hopper I, II, III  and so on

Weathering Time: 24M
Odour: NO any Odour
P.H.: 65.-7.5
Viscotiy: 3-5Cpcs/25
Boiling Point: 110 degree
Surface Tension 30-50
Pigment Particle Size: < 180 nano
Packing Specification: 500ml, 1000ml, 5kg, 25kg
Light resistant: 7-8 Level
VOC Detection: Europe Standard
Expiration Date: 10-30 degree avoid the light, about 1 year

MC-IWG002 C13T690280 Cyan
MC-IWG003 C13T690380 Magenta
MC-IWG004 C13T690480 Yellow
MC-IWG005 Green C13T690180 Black
MC-IWG006 C13T690280 Cyan
MC-IWG007 C13T690380 Magenta
MC-IWG008 C13T690480 Yellow
MC-IWG009 C13T716A80 White
MC-IWG010 Professional C13T716180 Black
MC-IWG011 C13T716280 Cyan
MC-IWG012 C13T716380 Magenta
MC-IWG013 C13T716480 Yellow
MC-IWG014 C13T716580 Light Cyan
MC-IWG015 C13T716680 Light Magenta
MC-IWG016 C13T716780 Light Black
MC-IWG017 C13T716880 Orange
MC-IWG018 C13T716A80 White
MC-IWG019 C13T716B80 Argent

>> Good stability
>> Ultra-high precision (1440DPI)
>> Print without satellites and misting
>> Excellent outdoor durability
>> Nano scale fine filter
>> Green according to EU standards
>> More competitive prices, sale from factory directory

Magiccolor Technology was established in 2005, as a manufacturer specialized in providing alternative printer and copier consumable all over the world.

The production lines are including printer and copier toner cartridges, toner powder, inkjet cartridges and ink. The monthly output is 100,000 pcs of toner cartridges, 1,000,000 pcs of ink cartridges, 100 tons of ink. Now we have a complete range of toner cartridges and ink cartridges for Epson, Canon, HP, Samsung, Brother and others, Sublimation jet Ink, Eco-solvent pigment jet ink, water based pigmet jet ink is also our main products.

We are committed to our customers in providing value for finding solutions and services in terms of product quality, efficient stock supplying and delivering processes. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee!

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