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Product Name LED UV Ink


LED UV Ink is suitable for All modified Epson Printers and all UV flat-panel printers

The diameter of pigment particles include in the UV ink less than 1 micron, free from volatile organic solvents, low viscosity, no irritating odor, no clogging, Bright and glossy color high saturation, strong stereoscopic, excellent color expressive performance, fluent printing, fast-drying, high hardness of the ink layers after the solidification, good adhesion, high scratch resistance, solvent resistance, high gloss, lighfast level reached 7-8,it is the highest cost performance of a product in the market currently, can match all the UV flat-panel printers with different models of printheads using in the market at present.


Porducts Detail

Products name: LED UV Ink
Color: BK/CY/MG/YL/LC/LM/W/FM/FY/Gloss Liquid/Cleaning Solution
Used For Printer Head:For Epson DX4/DX5/DX7, V540/TX800/XP600 etc. Industrial Head: Konica 512/1024, Seiko 1020, Star fire 1024, Spectra Galaxy, Ricoh Gen5.
Packing:100ml 500ml 1000ml 5L 20L
Warranty Time: 24 Months under temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits

1. Nano-Scale ink particles, Strong chemical resistance;
2. Outstanding printouts in leading quality of flexibility and extensicility;
3. Fast curing, fluent print, non-toxic and eco-friendly;
4. Ideal ink applies for segment markets, break through the " bottleneck" of industrial applications;
5. Exclusive UV curable ink for TPU in high adhesion performance;
6.Exclusive UV curable ink for PVC made door/curved products, good alcohol staining resistance.

LED UV Ink other physical and chemical parameters

Color Viscosity(cps/25oC) Tension(dyn/cm) Light fastness level(grade) Maximum particle diameter(D99)
LED UV InkBK 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkCY 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkMG 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkYL 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkLC 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkLM 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm
LED UV InkW 4-6 20-22 7-8 <100nm



Scope of application

Leather, Wood, Crystal, PVC, Acrylic,ABS,Plastic, Stone, Rubber,CD,Sticky notes,Lamp-box facric,Glass, Ceramics, Metal, Photo Papers,More suitable for water transfer printing technology which transfer the true color images in a variety of different medial.

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