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Large Format Pigment Ink
Product Name Large Format Pigment Ink

Large Format Pigment Ink

Large format Pigment Ink is suitable for Epson/Canon/HP/Brother wide format printers

After years of researching and developing printing technology, Magic Color was able to keep the pigment particles during 80~100nm for each color inks by stable and excellent formulation. This is why Magic Color pigment ink could be printed consistently with no damage to the printhead and uniform absorption of the pigment molecular on the paper to present vivid images with the best resolution. Magic Color pigment ink also shows great durability, waterfastness and lightfastness to ensure the image can be clear and store for a long time.


Porducts Detail

Products name: Large format pigment Ink
Used For:For Epson DX4/DX5/DX7, Canon/HP series wide format printer etc.
Packing:100ml 500ml 1000ml 5L 20L
Warranty Time: 24 Months under temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits

1. Advance Pigment Dispersion Technology to improve color sharpness;
2. Printouts look nature and lively, light resistance, long shelf life period close to OEM;
3. Stable ink system to avoid condensation and sediment;
4. Adopt Nano-molecular Filtering technology, fluency print without clogging.

Scope of application

Wall paper
PVC sheets, can used it to make company card, bank card, ID card, special cards.
photo paper (better use on matte paper, not use gloss), inkjet paper, copy paper etc.
Large Format Pigment Ink


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