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Large Format Dye Ink
Product Name Large Format Dye Ink

Large Format Pigment Ink

Large format Dye Ink is suitable for Epson/Canon/HP/Brother wide format printers

Large format dye ink we Magic Color have a whole series of large format printer dye ink in big brands such as Canon, HP, Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and so on. Our product, taking on high color saturation plus extensive color gamut, is easy to produce professional ICC color management curves. In the meanwhile, its superior physical and chemical stability can perfectly assure the safety of the printhead, plus color performance and ink fluency match up to OEM inks.


Porducts Detail

Products name: Large format dye Ink
Used For:For Epson DX4/DX5/DX7, Canon/HP series wide format printer etc.
Packing:100ml 500ml 1000ml 5L 20L
Warranty Time: 24 Months under temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits

1. High definition color quality and good compatible with print materials and printers;
2. Retain fluent print, fast drying and no bleeding in extreme temperature;
3. Announced special vermeil and crimson, bright red ink colors.

Scope of application

Photo paper, inkjet paper, copy paper etc.

Large Format Pigment Ink
Large Format Pigment Ink


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